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	OBC Business Center Zurich City</div> 

<div class="slideshow_title">Prime Location Europaallee Zurich</div>
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	OBC Business Center Zurich Europaallee (now open),&nbsp;areas 15 &ndash; 1000 qm

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	OBC Business Center Basel City</div> 

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	We take care of your business</div> 

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	OBC Business Center Zurich Airgate Tower</div>

Contact Info

OBC Suisse AG, Zürich-City,

Europaallee 41, 8021 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 214 69 99


The new site is a perfect location for a city office, with units available offering between one and twenty work places. Needless to say, OBC Suisse top service and the very latest office infrastructure is included, for example, conference, seminar and video conference facilities. For relaxing breaks, there is also a comfortable Center lounge and a cafeteria. Our presentation rooms and showrooms are also well appointed. These stylish premises are the perfect setting for holding exclusive product presentations or sales discussions. They can be used for follow-up meetings after a trade fair in Zurich or Basel, for example, or also as a long-term solution. We can send you information today about the various lease options available and the comprehensive range of services we offer.

Your advantages:

individuell und persönlich
modernste Infrastruktur
direkt am Hauptbahnhof
qualifiziertes Fachpersonal

Additional services:

Teilzeitpersonal und Sekretariatsservice nach Bedarf
Übersetzungen und Dolmetscherdienste

With the Business Center in Zurich’s Europaallee development, OBC Suisse AG now has a third location in the banking and business centre of Zurich, and one that offers the highest modern standards. The Europaallee business, shopping and residential complex is being built in the immediate vicinity of Zurich’s main railway station, and will provide 6,000 work places and 2,500 study places. The new business hot spot is just five minutes’ walk from the railway station, and has excellent transport connections to a range of European cities (Paris, Brussels, Milan, Rome, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, etc.). Zurich Airport is just 12 minutes away by train.


OBC Suisse AG, Zürich-City,

Bahnhofstrasse 52

8001 Zürich


Phone: +41 44 214 62 62