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Area overwiew of the Baloise Park

The area

By 2020, Baloise is constructing three new buildings on the site between Aeschengraben, Parkweg and Nauenstrasse in Basel. The buildings are intended to shape the cityscape directly adjacent to the railway station and reflect Baloise's commitment to the city. The site, which is Baloise Park, will be an open working and meeting zone for Baloise employees, third-party tenants and the local population. A public square will be created where the Hilton used to stand. A total of around 1300 office workplaces will be created in Baloise Park, of which Baloise itself will occupy around 700. The other 600 office workplaces will be let.

the project

The ten-storey training and office building is located directly next to the high-rise building in Baloise Park. With its special architecture based on the plans of Valerio Olgiati, the building is an eye-catcher on the site.

The façade of the training and office building consists of columns of different widths, whose form is directly derived from the static function. The recessed glass level behind it lends the building visual depth, and the reddish-brown colored concrete emphasizes the structure growing out of the ground. The column-free storeys, the extensive glazing and the coloured concrete also characterise the interior appearance of the building. An important design feature here is the inner courtyard that extends over all ten floors. It provides good lighting for all rooms down to the ground floor.

The Baloise training centre is located on the first three floors. OBC Suisse is renting the 6th and 7th floors. A fitness centre will also be added to the building on the 9th floor. The central location of the Baloise Park and the building's elegant architecture make the rooms a top address in Basel.


Environment Baloise Park, Basel

Central and attractive - make our excellent location
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available offices

Gain an insight into the different office spaces for you and your team here.

Basel - Office 1

We have set up up to three workstations in this office space. Optionally you can also integrate a meeting table. So you will find space for you and your guests and can hold a meeting completely undisturbed.

Size: 15.7m2
Floor: 6 or 7
Number of Workstations: 2

Reference price: CHF 2'100

Office details

Basel – Office 2

You can determine the arrangement of the tables yourself and we will furnish the office according to your ideas. This way you have space for you and your employees and can also hold meetings completely undisturbed.

Size: 32.4m2
Floor: 6 or 7
Number of Workstations: 5

Reference price: CHF 4'300.-

Office details

Basel – Office 3

Instead of two additional workstations, we also offer you a meeting table as an option. This gives you space for you and your guests and allows you to hold a meeting completely undisturbed in your own office.

Size: 60m2
Floor: 6 or 7
Number of Workstations: 9

Reference price: CHF 6'200.-

Office details


Therefore do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to advise you and to welcome you as one of our valued customers.

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Visit us at our new location at the Baloise Park just a step away from Basel train station.

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